What a Difference a Year Makes!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday was the first day of school. At some point, after dropping everyone off, I let out this long sigh of relief and let my mind drift back to last year and how truly awful it was.

I remembered how guilty I felt about our move and how scared I was that my tiny shiny children would suffer for even a minute. The thought of them feeling scared and lonely was unbearable.

But now here we are. And everyone w
ent off to their classes excited, nervous, and happy. Just like it should be! Katie is a freshman in high school! How did that happen?
Maddie is a JUNIOR! Stop the clock.I can still pretend Jonathan and Ellie are little so I'm going with that. Notice not how big they really are.
Perhaps the sweetest moment of yesterday came in two parts. As I was driving Maddie to golf (yes, she is playing varsity golf) she started telling me about how at lunch she saw a girl eating by herself so she and a friend went over to talk to her and invite her to eat with them. They found out that she was new and had moved here from Washington. Then Maddie told me how she wished someone had done that for her on her first day last year, and how she thinks that people who haven't ever moved don't even really notice someone who is alone but that because she has been through it, "my heart goes, 'ohhhh,' when I see someone like that. I know now that no one really wants to eat by themselves."

My own heart went "ohhhh" when she told me this. I am so happy that my beautiful girl has found a way to take something good and valuable away from a difficult experience!
I sometimes call Maddie and Ellie my "bookends" because they look so much and act so much alike, so what happened next shouldn't surprise me. As I was tucking Ellie into bed last night I asked if she liked who she was sitting next to in school. She said that she did because she is sitting next to the new girl and she is happy to be her first friend because she knows how it feels to be scared on the first day at a new school.

I have a very full, very happy mommy heart right now.

6 Responses to “What a Difference a Year Makes!”

  1. How could they not be happy with all the treats they get in their lunch? I distinctly recall hearing you limit them to three treats in their lunch yesterday. That while I was cutting up the tomato for my salad.

    I am not jealous or anything that I do not get any nutter-butters!

    I love those kids!

  2. I'm not even joking when I say it was two. Two treats in their lunch.

    But I know what you mean about the nutter butters!

  3. In your "About me" you say, "But now I am trying to embrace that life is all about change." Seems to me you're expert at it, whether you think so or not!

  4. Your profile and name are HILARIOUS!
    I just love the aquarium pic behind your title. You may not like change, but you have a great sense of humor!!

  5. It is so great to catch up with you!!!!!!
    I am feeling just like you were last year...sad that I have ripped my kids from their home & trying to make a new one for them. All while hoping that they don't hate us forever for doing this too them.
    I feel comfort that next year at this time I will be as amazing as Shelley and feel confident that everything works out! Love ya!

  6. Stop letting them grow older!!! Stop it I say! I can't believe how beautiful & grown up they are! When will I see you guys again? It has been way, way too long! Call me! I tried to call you guys last weekend, but couldn't get a hold of anyone! Love you all bunches!


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