Target Whups CVS

Monday, August 10, 2009

Last year I waited until too late to buy school supplies and when I finally went to get them the pickings were very slim. It's always hard to screw up my nerve and head to Target, four supply lists in hand, four needy, squirmy, demanding children in tow. Oh how I hate it.

It's specialized mommy torture. This child needs 24 fine tip bright markers, and this one needs 16 wide tip classic color markers and this mommy is going to need a drink. Soon. An extra large diet coke, of course. Hate. It.

Anyway, although I have put it off until almost the last minute, this year went pretty well. Jonathan didn't even want to go with me, and the three girls were very well behaved. They have matured beyond crying in the aisle because I'm not buying the fancy $4 pen with the large pink plume.

I'd noticed that CVS had a pretty big school supply section so I thought we'd go there and hopefully save some cash because we wouldn't be tempted by all the, uh, temptations at Target. But it was not to be. After checking and collating our lists we realized we were going to have to go to Target for a few items that we couldn't find.

And you know what? Target had WAY better prices than CVS. I don't want to hurt CVS's feelings, but when we saw how much cheaper the stuff at Target was, we re-bought all our folders and book covers and then returned the stuff we had got at CVS. You want to know the total price difference? I know you do. Twenty six dollars! Can you believe that. Six binder/folder things and a slew of those stretchy book covers cost $26 more at CVS than at Target. Unbelievable.

I also want a gold star for not being too lazy to take the stuff back, because it did cross my mind you know.

2 Responses to “Target Whups CVS”

  1. I think you should get waaaay more than one gold star! You should at least get three, for returning the CVS stuff, for shopping earlier than midnight before the first day of school, and for writing such a delightful post in your own, uniquely warm style.

  2. Ditto! I would even make you some carmelitos for returning at CVS. And thanks for the heads up, maybe we'll just start with Target and call it good. In fact, I think I'll leave all of my kids at home, and see how they like what I buy! :)


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