Crochet Treasures for Little Ones

Friday, January 29, 2016

I've written a bit before about my twin nephews who are four now, and if you follow me on facebook or instagram you've seen tons of pictures of them too. Because they are THE CUTEST.
I crocheted those bow ties for them for Christmas 2014, and at the time I tried to get some photos of them so I could blog about it but Wes wouldn't let me take a picture of him and I only got some snaps of Drew by holding his arm and not letting him run away. I could not, however, get him to actually look at the camera. See for yourself.
So back then I gave up the dream of blogging about bow ties and jumped on the trampoline with them instead.

But now their Mommy is pregnant! And even though I know that if it's a boy it will be absolutely perfect, right now I'm just starving for a girly girl pink and twirly, soft and fluffy sparkly cotton candy BABY GIRL! And in anticipation of my angel niece I started perusing Etsy just to get some ideas for baby blankets I might like to make for her...just, you know, to get that girly mojo out there into the atmosphere...when I found the shop Deborah O'Leary Patterns.

Be still my heart, her baby blankets are the sweetest things ever!
Do you think that if I get busy making blankets right now then Becca's little baby will simply have to be a girl?

Well, I didn't go that far, but I did buy one of her patterns for baby headbands and got busy making those. Surly a few little flowery headbands might just push the universe a bit towards the X chromosomes :-)

The instructions were simple to follow, I'm definitely in the beginning to intermediate skill set. Here is a link to the pattern. Now we just need a baby girl to wrap these on! 

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  1. Baby girl accessories are just so much fun! And I'm super happy you're blogging again - you have the best writing voice!

    1. Thanks! I love the curls and twirls on your sweet girls for sure!


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