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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paige and me in the hats she knitted for us.

So that was kind of weird. I just finished talking to Paige and Gretch about my new cool job as the community manager for the Mommycast Ning social network. We talked on camera. Because I'm gonna be on Mommycast! Wow. I've known Gretchen and Paige since before Mommycast was even born...and even though they like to tell scary stories about the trouble our kids get in together, I never thought I'd be on the show.

Of course I had to do some serious preparation to get ready to be filmed. Yesterday I set up the computer video cam in my living room and practiced talking in front of it. I tried it in several locations to try to figure out where I would get the "best light" (whatever that is) and also only show the select part of our home that looks maybe like tasteful grown ups live here.

I had narrowed my wardrobe selection down to two possibilities and I modeled each one for Maddie and Katie and examined myself on video. Lots. I wondered if I should wear jewelery and tried on several necklaces, but I decided I shouldn't.

I noticed that I have a big neck wrinkle forming, but it was too late to do anything about it, even if I knew what to do. I thought lots about all the weird things I shouldn't do on video, like talk really loud and fast over Paige and Gretchen like I do in real life or make weird faces when I talk, also like I do in real life.

I went to bed feeling pretty ready, but then last night Ellie woke up with the whole fever, soar throat, ear ache, throw up gig going on. I was up with her past 3 am. Of course I felt bad for her, but my biggest worry was that she'd be home with me when it was time for our video interview (nice mom, I know). Ellie finds cameras completely irresistible; unless I was ready to lock her in her room, I knew no matter how sick she was she wouldn't be able to leave me alone while I talked to Paige and Gretch.

My Mom came to my rescue and said she'd skip work to take care of Ellie but still, the morning did not go quite like I had planned. Like when I was racing around to wash the couch slip cover so that it wouldn't smell like throw up I thought, "this is not how the morning when I become a celebrity is supposed to go."

I'll let you know when the video goes up on Mommycast but if you want you could go over to Mommycast.ning right now and check it out. While you're there you might feel like becoming a member and then trying out all the nifty features like uploading a video, sharing a link to something you like, or sharing a post from your blog?

If you want.

And since the site is so new and you'll be doing me a solid I'll try to feature your stuff on the main'll be famous like me!

And if you do play around over there, pretty please leave me a comment on the forum page or send me a message letting me know what you think...especially what you'd like to see different!

That would be soooooo awesome!

5 Responses to “My 5 Minutes”

  1. That's so exciting Shelley. Can't wait to see it! Sorry to hear Ellie isn't feeling well. Give her some love and kisses from us. Love ya!

  2. Oh yes Oh yes! I love being friends with famous people! Yupee. I can't wait to tune in. How do I get the mommy cast thingie on the side of my blog?

  3. Just watched the video. You are soooo cute! Your hair is so adorable! I love "A Beautiful Mind" too!

  4. Shelly, you look so pretty on video! I signed up & am just waiting for an admin to approve me. Is that you, Shelley? Do you approve of me? I approve of you, m'lovey!

  5. Hey, how'd you do that little feed the fish thing on the bottom of your page?


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