The Entryway, Again

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It is a fine line I walk here at Springbrook Ranch. Every time I do a little updating or decorating I have a tiny bit of "buyer's remorse" as it were. It's because we're renting...I have to find the delicate balance between making things pretty so I don't go crazy and not spending so much time and money on the place that I make Marc go crazy.

Jonathan's best friend's mom is the PTA president so guess who is making ten tutus to go in the "little princess birthday basket" to be auctioned off at our school fund raiser? Yep. So that is why I was at the fabric store on Friday. I wasn't shopping for the house, it was just providence that I found lovely upholstery fabric totally on sale.

I've already posted about my efforts to make our little entryway look not heinous. And since I can't fix the installed stuff (orange tile, mismatched stair rails, one of which is wrought iron, nasty old window molding) I have to settle for trying to disguise it.

This certainly isn't a "Country Living" approved decorating method but we make do with what we've got don't we?

So here's the newest mistreatment.

I followed the Nester, same as always, and I love the way it came out, same as always!

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  1. Maybe you can come over and decorate my house. I have a lot of blank walls and spaces. I'll get to it one of these days. . .


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