Spring Break 2016 Girls' Trip

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring break was kind of wonky for us this year. Jonathan and Ellie are at different schools that don't have the same week off, and Marc has a lot going on at work. We took a quick drive to see Marc's family in L.A. a couple weeks ago but didn't have anything else planned.

At the last minute I was overcome with a small wave of mom guilt coupled with a massive wave of crazy and decided to take Ellie and her friend down to Disneyland by myself. We did a super quick trip(again), driving down on Tuesday, hanging with my family and going to the beach on Wednesday, visiting Disneyland on Thursday and driving home on Friday.

We stayed with my Aunt Marie and the girls were thrilled to bunk in the "Micky Room." This is when I woke them up on Wednesday morning.

 And this is when I sang "we're going to get pancaaaaaakes."
 One of the best parts of the trip was getting to snuggle this little bean, my Counsin Tiffany's baby.
Aren't they all SO CUTE?! I want to squeeeeeeze!

After breakfast we went to the beach. The girls got in the water but I mostly sat bundled up in my bathing costume which is a full long sleeve rash guard so I don't burn and a sarong wrapped around my waist so no one can see my day glow legs. It's like a public service.

We found sand dollars.
And played.
Ellie went for these boho sunglasses. I think she looks cute.
And so happy that I made her take another photo! I made them take a selfie with me to prove I was there too.
The next day the girls went to Disneyland and I trolled around downtown Disney. I figured they wouldn't want to hang with me in the park and I'd rather shop and read my book than be by myself in Disneyland. 

Listen, I know I sound like a weird creepy loner here-which, sometimes I am.  Especially the part where I took a nap in the back of my car. Alone time is good time!

I tried to get the girls to take pictures in Disneyland for me but I was only mildly successful. Ellie kept texting me photos of the food she was eating and I was like "That is not what I mean! Pictures of YOU!"

I love this one of them with the Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog.
And these cute pictures they took of each other to make me happy :-)
It was a little rainy which actually worked in their favor, they rode like 100 rides that day.

And then we came home. I sure love those two friends, it was nice being able to give them a good spring break!

2 Responses to “Spring Break 2016 Girls' Trip”

  1. That day of being by yourself, reading a book, and sleeping in a car sounds like the BEST way to spend your time. Go, you!

  2. You are a fun mom! And alone time IS the best!


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