Marc and Shelley Adventure Time (you should kind of sing that in your head)!

Monday, February 22, 2016

This Saturday when Marc and I woke up we made a decision to go adventuring. We were like, "hey, let's avoid our responsibilities and instead drive around looking for beautiful scenery and good food!" Luckily we live in the Bay Area so we don't have to go very far to find both.

We started in downtown Benicia because we've never been before which is super lame since we love anything that is by water and this little downtown is uber cute and right on its' own lovely marina. 

We walked all around and spent a good amount of time contriving plans for how we could buy a boat and live on the water. Never mind objections about where does one keep a washer and dryer on a boat; we like to dream.
Then we got breakfast at First Street Cafe and ordered the open face dungeness crab sandwich and the waffle sliders with chicken sausage and an egg. Then we ate every single stinkin' bite because it was so so good! The sandwich was featured in Bon Appetite magazine so it was like breakfasting with the stars. A little.
I plan to go back and order this again.

Next came more wandering the highlights of which were the gorgeous stained glass windows in an inn (that is a funny group of words, "in an inn"),
and a view of this metal scrap lot by the water.
Marc informed me he dreams of having his own metal scrap yard by the water. We do not share this dream. This dream is only for him, since it is, I don't want to hurt his feelings but I'm going to say, dumb. I'm back with the boats.

2 Responses to “Marc and Shelley Adventure Time (you should kind of sing that in your head)!”

  1. How funny! Brad and I were just saying the other week that we have never been to Benicia and we need to explore. I definitely didn't imagine piers and beautiful things, because I don't know anything about where we live. I MUST go there now, so thanks!

    1. Yep! And antique shops and interesting looking places to eat.


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