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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hi friends! If you are here to learn about painting tile with chalk paint I just repainted my entryway tile and have a post with all the how to's and tips here.

Back in December I finally painted my entryway. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint on the floor (crazy right?!), and free paint on the walls. Actually, this little entryway has taken up more than it's fair share of space on the blog as I keep trying to get it just right. But since I posted plans, I figure I should share what I did-especially since I learned an awesome paint secret which I will now share with to lay your hands on some FREE paint!

Yes friends, FREE. My most favorite price in the whole world.

My brother told me about this trick. It is going to the dump and taking paint that people have dropped off to be recycled. 
Here's my brother Paul introducing me to the glories of dump  paint.
At our facility there was a whole room full of partially used gallons and quarts of paint that people had dropped off. I went in knowing that I wanted to paint the entryway a darkish blue/grey color, and that I would need about two gallons of paint to do it. I was also on the look out for white trim paint.

Here is the only real "rule" you need to remember: **When you mix paints, use matching finishes** For me that meant choosing two nearly full gallons of white-ish flat interior latex and then several quarts of blue, black, and grey flat interior latex. See what I did there? All flat interior latex. No mixing oil with latex or flat with gloss. For more painting tips check out my "Painting guide for the lazy and non-critical."
I took a whole box, hey, it's free!
I also took several quarts of white semi-gloss trim paint. They were all different brands and slightly different shades of white-no worries as long as the finishes match. At home I mixed the two gallons of white together in a big 5 gallon bucket and then started mixing in the quarts of color. I ended up using a whole quart of black to get the color as dark as I wanted.
Once I had a color that I was happy with it was a just a matter of painting as usual. But for FREE!

As you can see,I have not yet wall papered the stair risers-but I still plan to (when I win the lottery). *I finally did the wallpaper, you can see it here.

On a side note, I have not loved the orange entryway tile since we moved in so I decided to paint that too. Sometimes I paint unusual things on the principle that I can't hate it any worse than I already do so why not?

I used TSP cleaner to clean the tile really well first. Then I used two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and one coat of ASCP Floor Lacquer. You can see how it looks in the pictures. I'm super happy and it has held up perfectly! Yay. No more orange floor. 

Orange sweater yes, orange floor no. I'm a HUGE fan of ASCP, if you want to see more chalk paint project you can check these:

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9 Responses to “Free the Paint”

  1. LOVE the look and the free paint tip!!!!

  2. It looks fabulous, Shelley. Since I never paint, even free paint doesn't tempt me, but I'm sure Paul's tip will be a great little money saver for you and all your projects. I can't wait to see your house in August. Love you....Aunt Colleen

  3. Wow Shelly, I love the floor, very smart! Great tips on the paint. I'm not a big fan of spending a lot of money on paint. I get most of mine from clearence sectiins. I just invested a bit more than normal on General Finishes, but I'm always looking for a deal. This will come in handy!

  4. how did you apply the chalk paint? Brush or roller? I'm wanting to paint smooth fireplace tiles and not sure what kind of brush to use...

    1. I used a roller with a long handle-my broom handle actually will screw on to a paint roller handle when I unscrew the broom head. I put the paint in one of those disposable plastic pans.

  5. How has the floor held up since this blog post?

    1. Hi Jenny. It has held up remarkably well, like, almost perfectly. The only thing I do is sweep and mop it once a week, okay more like once every two weeks. I even ditched the mat that was in the entryway over a year ago when the dog got sick on it and the paint job is still going strong.

  6. do you think this method would work on bathroom wall tile? or fail due to moisture?

    1. I think it would work on wall tile, moisture didn't seem to bother the paint, just sitting under water for a long time. So maybe not wall tile in the shower-but just in the bathroom. I'd go for it.


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