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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writing has seemed impossible lately, no time at all to be had around here.

But that's just my easy excuse. Really really I haven't been
writing because I only have one thing on my mind and I'm
afraid it is about as trite as can be. Maddie is growing up.

Last week she asked me if she could watch "Glee" at her friend's house after her church activity on Tuesday night. I told her she should probably come home and study instead.

She said she didn't have much studying to do.

I said "likely story."

She insisted she had it under control.

And then it hit me...why on earth was I sitting there arguing with her about watching a television show when in less than a year she is going to be flying off to college and doing work or watching t.v. at her very own-totally out of my control-discretion?

Arguing was crazy. I told her to go. I mean, I have to be letting go here.

Man alive it turns out I hate letting go. In my head I get that every single parent goes through this, but in my heart I feel like I am the only one whose heart has hurt like this. I am a master at visualizing the worrisome future, and I
just can't even imagine life without my sweet Maddie in the house.

Have you got out your tiny violin for me yet?

Well if you need more proof of how she is just growing right up whether I like it or not then take a gander at these pictures from her senior photo shoot.

And if that's not bad enough, which it totally is, I was talking to Marc about where we should go for our 25th anniversary (because it's only 5 years away and to travel is divine and I must have trips to obsess about) when I realized the awful truth:

In five years Katie will be gone too, Jonathan will be 17, and Ellie will be 13!

I know. It is simply too much.

6 Responses to “Mom Freak”

  1. It all just makes me feel old! Maddie will always be my sweet baby carrying around her Elmo doll! Her pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I NEED one (or many) of those beautiful super-model pictures to put in frames & hold close to my heart!!! Let's not even think of 5 years from now - ahhh!! Ellie can NOT be 13!!

  2. Very pretty. Sarah turns 18 next week. Nuf said?

  3. Oh my goodness! Maddie is so grown up! And hello! Gorgeous!

    How awesome is it that you made this beautiful person and that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside?

    Don't worry. She'll make good choices. Love your guts.

  4. Welcome to my world. Hard enough that mine are growing up but to think that I celebrated my 25th year anniversary last month and that you have a senior in high school. OUCH! Love you!--Aunt Tonya

  5. Our dearest Madison how you make our eyes water and our hearts flutter with pride of who you have become. Not only are you GORGEOUS to look at you are truly gorgeous within your heart and your soul!
    And dear Shelley, oh how I remember the day you went off to college. I am so feeling this with you!

  6. Stop it already--this type of thing KILLS me!

    It's pathetically cliche, but I swear time keeps ramping up its speed. Yesterday at church I watched my son walk up to the front to accompany the choir--and he looked LIKE A MAN. Where did my little boy go? He's a little younger than your daughter, but I got all teary thinking how soon he'll be out of the house and on his own.

    I'm so not ready to let go.


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