She's Just Seventeen

Monday, August 2, 2010

I left something super important out of my last post. While we were in Palm Desert Maddie turned 17! Frankly, I find this remarkable. How can someone as obviously young and fresh as I have a 17 year old? Two words...child bride.

Also, Maddie, you are as delicious today as the day you were born. Here's why:

1. You smell good, that's always been important to me.
2. You value a good book and have a (very) willing suspension of disbelief.
3. You don't know the difference between pot and marijuana!
4. You have a tender heart and love your friends.
5. You stand for truth and righteousness with determination.
6. You manage our home quite well for such a short person.
7. I like the way you dance.
8. You know how to save money; weird.
9. You appreciate good food like a Fosse.
10. You are stronger than you look, sweet daughter!

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