Why Barnaclebutt?

It is really hard for an older chubby lady to get  an acceptable self portrait but I am trying.

Why is my blog called Barnaclebutt? It's because I have been known to be a bit of a barnacle. You know what one is right? It’s that little shell thing that lives all over whales or ocean rocks, or ship hulls and never moves. Marc, the love of my life, gave me the name “Barnaclebutt” many years ago because of my abiding love for things staying the same and/or being in my control.

 Which is kind of funny because one, I have four kids plus a large dog and two, I am pretty far down the alphabet from type A. I'm probably a type H or something. I'm not terribly organized, I forget, get lost, lose the keys, and burn the cookies. And I usually laugh about it. All the mayhem (even that of my own creating) has taught me that life can be beautiful in the midst of chaos. 

There has to be some kind of balance between planning and winging it. So I'm learning to let that knot in my stomach go, accept who I am in my parenting and in my projects and just go for it, and be happy!

I love entertaining, crafting, renovating, cooking and being a mom...all things that require flexibility to be successful. Here is where I love to share how it's going.  

 So, Barnaclebutt, it has to do with things going how I plan. Which it turns out the universe is not particularly concerned with. I’m learning to deal.


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