About Me

It is really hard for an older chubby lady to get  an acceptable self portrait but I am trying.
Hi. I’m Shelley. I’m mostly a stay at home mom, but I also work in my Dad’s Insurance office two days a week doing, you know, stuff. I have four kids-Maddie is a sophomore in college, Katie is a senior in high school, Jonathan is in eighth grade, and Ellie is in fifth grade. I'm married to Marc. He is all kinds of awesome. We also have a dog and cat. They are dumb but we love them anyway.

About my blog name, you know what a barnacle is right? It’s that little shell thing that lives all over whales or ocean rocks, and never moves. Marc, the love of my life, gave me the name “Barnaclebutt” many years ago because of my abiding love for things staying the same and/or being in my control. 

Let me use it in a sentence. Say Marc and I planned to go to a movie, but then the movie was sold out. Marc, the love of my life, might suggest we go out to eat instead. And as I moan in agony that I don’t want to go out to eat because I want popcorn for dinner and I REALLY want to see the movie, and why did this have to happen to me, Marc, the totally magical love of my life, might say, “stop being such a barnaclebutt.” He is that understanding. See? The name has to do with things going how I plan. Which it turns out the universe is not particularly concerned with. I’m learning to deal.


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