Ghosts in a Jar

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do you ever just sort of peruse the interwebs jumping from link to link looking at all of the amazing and creative things people are up to? I don't even know how I ended up at the blog where I saw the Ghosts in a Jar tutorial but since I had just acquired these giant mason jars from a friend it felt like fate bringing us together for a little Halloween hot (glue) romance. Thank you, Linda from Mason Jar Crafts Love; I don't know you, but what we had is beautiful...or creepy, I guess, 'cause it's for Halloween.

I pretty much followed her tutorial, using a piece of floral foam glued into my lid and sticking a twig in it. The ghosts are styrofoam balls from the dollar store covered in unfolded gauze pads from my first aid kit. I had a leftover crow from my Halloween trees so I decided to glue him on top with moss glued around his feet. And since everything benefits from glitter I sparkled up a tag for him to hold in his beak.

His Halloween message?  Well, quoth the Raven Nevermore, of course.

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